Below is a list of all the frequently asked questions, categorized in "General", "I am a student", and "I represent a school". If you don’t see your question below, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.
Piecewise is a website that helps student debt borrowers complete exit counseling and sets them up with their correct student debt repayment plan. We provide every student with personalized education about their specific loan situation to ensure that they understand the way debt repayment works, their rights, and the options available to them.
We work with schools to help students complete all the necessary requirements the federal government outlines for student debt borrowers to make sure that they can graduate on time. From there, we set up every student with their correct repayment plan from the start.
We’re currently available in the USA as a web platform accessible from any browser, on any device.
Yes. We secure all of your data with 256-bit encryption, the same level of security that banks use. We use the same trusted provider that Venmo and American Express do. We do not share any of your personal information to third parties without prior consent.
We are not a student loan servicer. We are a neutral platform built by student loan borrowers on a mission to help you overcome debt and save money. We work with schools to help borrowers learn about and repay their loans, but we do not hold any loan balances ourselves.
We are not a debt collection agency. We will never share borrower information with servicers or other third parties without prior consent. We are actively working to change the way people repay student debt, and as student debt borrowers ourselves, we do everything in our power to protect borrowers and prevent them from defaulting.
Piecewise provides personalized exit counseling to set up every borrower with their optimal repayment plan to ensure that they can afford their student debt repayment and don’t default on their student loans.
Setting up Piecewise is incredibly easy and requires no training whatsoever. Book a quick demo to learn more.
I am a student
Piecewise will help you graduate on time and make sure that you are on a repayment plan you can afford, which will make sure your debt repayment is sustainable! We save you money and verify your eligibility for student-loan related opportunities, like alternate repayment plans and student loan forgiveness. Most of all, we make sure that you understand your loans so that you don’t default!
Yes! Piecewise is completely free for students.
We support Navient, Nelnet, Great Lakes, Fedloan, Discover, Firstmark, Mohela, Granite State, and more. If we don’t support your servicer yet, email us and let us know at support@piecewise.co.
Yes! Piecewise works with your school to make sure that you graduate on time and start your student debt repayment on the right foot.
Yes. Piecewise can help you find your right repayment plan, which may mean lowering your monthly payment.
Yes. We use data analysis to ensure that you are on the best possible path to a lower balance.
Yes! We help you save money by making sure that you avoid default and are on a repayment plan that you can afford. In addition, we help you save money on interest accrual by notifying you of early payment opportunities.
Yes. Piecewise can match you with student loan forgiveness opportunities depending on your financial information.
We give you unbiased advice on how best to overcome debt. We recommend different repayment plans and strategies. We will always notify you of savings opportunities in any form they take.
To sign up, all you have to do is connect your student loan servicer.
We use the same 256-bit encryption technology banks use to secure your data. Piecewise’s read-only access means your information or credentials are never stored on our servers.
We do not share your personal information with any third parties without prior consent. All information is anonymized before it’s incorporated into our algorithms.
We are available anytime at support@piecewise.co
I represent a school
Contact us now to start the process. We can get up and running at your school in as little as a week.
We are very affordable and have flexible payment options. Click here to set up a conversation with a team member.
Yes. We help you reduce drain on your financial aid office’s precious resources by acting as a financial guide for every kind of student after college.
Yes. Our top priority is lowering default rates for students and schools.
We will send you materials you can use to supplement the graduation process and educate your financial aid staff about how best to help your students.
We send you all the necessary materials to successfully complete exit counseling. You forward them along to the students.
We help save financial aid employees time by tackling a bulk of student concerns and questions with our software.
We incorporate data from your school and from national student loan datasets to target a realistic goal for your school.
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Below is a list of all the frequently asked questions, categorized in "General", "I am a student", and "I represent a school". If you still have questions. Don't hesitate to reach out to us.